What are varifocals?

Vrifocals are glasses that allow you to see both near and far without having to change glasses.

It contains a progressive lens that has a decreasing strength from top to bottom.

In this way, one can see far through the top part of the lens while one can see near through the middle and bottom parts.

Varifocal glasses are particularly suitable for people who need correction for both distance and near vision, e.g. because of presbyopia.


How expensive are varifocals?

The price of progressive lenses depends on various factors, such as the lens material, the frame and the degree of distortion correction.

On average, varifocals in Germany cost between 100 and 500 euros.

However, there are also cheaper and more expensive models. It is worth comparing different opticians and also looking for offers online.

There are also ways to get varifocals cheaper, e.g. by buying glasses online or by using offers such as the glasses pass.

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